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This is a PRE-ORDERING product and you will wait until the confirmed specimen is ready for postage :-)

We will keep you updated throughout the whole purchase

We supply a wide range of crustaceans and marine life specimens for museums, educational & scientific purposes and personal collectors

There will be a waiting period for receiving our specimens and there will be a confirmation when the exact specimen is found and updated, there will be some time taken for the preparation and the prices might VARY especially if the specimen is mounted into a special posture, the pictures attached are REFERENCES according to species and postures

After the preparation

Shipment in 3 working days and estimated arrival within a week

About the crab

Our crab taxidermies are stuffed with filling materials like cotton, rubber, and clay inside which makes them firm and heavy compared to empty shells. The membranes are backfilled and well retained to the joints of these crabs after treatment which makes them look very similar to live crabs. The colors are carefully preserved with our saving techniques and partial repainting so they will keep their natural colors permanently without fading.

About the preservation

- Please avoid direct sunlight to avoid cracking, fading, etc. of the specimen.

- Please store in a dry environment to avoid moldy specimens.

About packaging

- Some large taxidermy will be disassembled into parts for shipment.

- Before shipping the taxidermy, we will confirm that the packaging and taxidermies are perfect to go, and will also avoid damage caused by improper transportation to the greatest extent.

- Please contact the transportation company for compensation for damage caused by improper transportation.

Linuparus trigonus Flame Spear lobster taxidermy (Pre-Ordering Link)

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