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Our preordering items are mainly rare or extra-large species. They have limited quantities for sale due to the rarity in nature and the difficulties of obtaining those species, especially during the annual fishing lockdown. A preorder is an action that you need to make for the preservation of those species that we can potentially get in a short term for example two months. Once you make a preorder you will get immediate notification of the species as soon as we have them in stock instead of getting sold to other customers. No full/partial payments are required for this action.



Deep sea crab

We only have a limited number of Japanese spider crab per few months, especially the large ones, and we cannot predict the size of it, please feel free to contact us for details, we will contact you immediately ​about the size and price.       



Deep sea crab

Because of the fishing moratorium, super spiny king crabs cannot be offered from the fishing boat, and the material supply chain is not stable. Please feel free to contact us about the stocking and the size, we will get back to you immediately.

Pre-order Products: Projects
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